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Let's start at the beginning

Curbed Construction was formed out of necessity. As business owners and developers ourselves, we were constantly looking for general contractors who understood the unique needs of small to mid-sized commercial projects. We look to bridge that gap and make executing on your projects easier than ever.


How? Well, it starts with gaining a deep and clear understanding of the purpose of your project and the goals of your investment. We’ll work to select the right subs for the job and focus on the nitty-gritty details so you don’t have to.

Our team excels in a wide range of project types, with budgets typically ranging between $500,000 and $10,000,000 in construction costs, and offers a hands-on approach that will enable you to focus on the bigger picture. 

Whether you’re looking for a partner on a high-density commercial project, a multi-unit residential investment, a complex buildout, or some other specialty project, our team can take construction challenges off your plate.

How can we help you with your next project?

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